Thursday, 29 March 2012

An Alternative To Propecia?

Going bald can leave many men absolutely mortified and reaching out for a cure at any cost. Propecia is regarded as the most popular treatment for hair loss in men. Propecia comes in the form of tablets which are functioned to stop DHT (Male Pattern Baldness). Though the success rates are high and the reviews rather glowing, Propecia does come with a very big catch - and a nasty one at that!

Common known side effects for using Propecia are:
Low Sex Drive
Erectile Dysfunction
Noticeably Bad Skin (Rash, Spots, Redness)

For some men, keeping their head of hair comes at a price that they are willing to pay both physically and emotionally. The drug itself will cost you around £30 a month and once you stop using it, the hair loss stages will continue just where they left off. For other men, the side effects risks that come with Propecia aren't worth keeping the hair over and they continue to look elsewhere for a miracle formula that will cure the male pattern baldness with no side effects and for dirt cheap.

Before I continue, let me just state that there is no miracle cure for male pattern baldness - certainly not one that is proven 100%. Ways to beat the receding hair line and thinning scalp will cost even the more wealthier man more than a bob or two. The most effective (and by far the most expensive) treatments that cure baldness in men is hair transplants. Effective hair transplants can cost you in the region of between £20,000 - £30,000 and the results still aren't 100% guaranteed.

So, if you've not got a spare £30,000 pocket change to splash out on a hair transplant like Wayne Rooney, you'll be naturally inclined to go for something more affordable and preferably something that is 100% risk free. One particular product range that is causing a stir on the online market is the DHT Blocker, Procerin. Procerin is seen by many as the natural, safer and more affordable alternative to Propecia. Procerin can be legally bought without a doctors prescription and it is made from 100% natural ingredients - making it RISK FREE!

Procerin is booming in the American hair loss market and continues to gain glowing reviews from a customer base that is 90% satisfied with the results it brings. Procerin comes in three forms:
Tablets - 90 per bottle
XT Foam, 1 Month Supply per bottle
Scalp Therapy Shampoo

For the best results, Procerin seems to work when the three products are used in conjunction with each other. Procerin acts as a DHT blocker that either slows down the hair loss, stops it completely and in some cases has even helped regrow lost hair. This may sound a bit too good to be true, but the good news doesn't stop there. Procerin is a very affordable hair loss treatment that can be purchased from most online hair loss stores for very competitive prices.

Many men that have decided to use Procerin do so on a hunch. I'm not so sure the drug is as effective as the makers say, but the stats and results speak for themselves in many ways.

What's our verdict? Well, if hair loss is a big concern to you and you're at the early stages of male pattern baldness, then Procerin is certainly worth a try. A three month supply is recommended as the majority of users say they have noticed results in the 2-3 month period of taking Procerin.

If you live in the UK, then we recommend visiting Your Next Remedy for an easy purchase of Procerin products. Your Next Remedy sell the range at very competitive prices and offer special combo deals for 3-6 month supplies. The website also offers more information, testimonials and images regarding Procerin.


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